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Hey all, I know the last few years I've run a sailor art exchange for the holidays but I have too much going on right now to run one, so I signed up for StefBani's and you should, too! :D

4th Annual Secret Senshi! SENT:new: ALL SENT. FINALLY
It's the most...wonderful time....TO MAKE ART!
 What is this?
This is a Secret Santa for OC Senshi!! You sign up with one of your Senshi. When the time arrives, you will be assigned one Senshi to draw for another person for a Christmas/Holiday gift! And in turn, the Senshi you submitted will be drawn by someone! Gift giving rocks in the dA Com'moon'ity!
Four years and strong!
Want to join in? Comment with your senshi down below!

-Please please pleaseeee do not create drama
-To join, comment with ONE link to your Senshi!
-Do not trace or steal pictures. All work must be original and new. This means no bases or doll makers!
-DO NOT TELL the person you got that you are their Santa, it's supposed to be secret!
-By signing up, you hereby agree with his statement: I will do my best to put a picture in after posting is available. If an issue occurs, I wil

Meanwhile, my sub ran out and that's okay because I'm honestly on DA like 98% of the time as SenshiStock because omg messages. :faint: But I set up a Patreon for that and it's going well so yay getting paid to take photos of myself.


And commissions, and a book illustration contract, and that CUTE BABY that I have :heart: So lots going on and busy, busy, busy as they say.

I promise sometime soon I will draw something that isn't a chibi. After I finish all the chibi I have to draw. CHIBI.

My holiday free plush giveaway thing is still happening this year though! HURRAY! I will be opening sign ups for that soon. Stay tuned!

If you need to urgently reach me for something, I recommend twitter. Or email me. SarahRuthForde at

My next con is AB in March. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~~~

This is just a list for my own personal punishment.

Am I missing someone? Let me know!  :iconusagilaplz:

I don't want to draw each of the main characters in every outfit they ever wore, but I do want to do at least the different school uniforms for each. I might not do all the monsters, just the main baddies. I am not sure about side characters, except for ones that have important relationships with the main characters. Feel free to make suggestions!

I might not have linked all the ones that I've done yet, gotta go through the gallery sometime.


Queen Serenity - DONE Serenity Mama Chibi
Princess Serenity - DONE Princess of the Moon
Queen Beryl - DONE My Queen - Chibi Queen Beryl
Human Beryl
Kunzite - DONE KunZoi
Ziocite - DONE KunZoi
Naru's Mother
Ms. Haruna
Kuri and Yumiko
Gurio Umino
Rei's Grandfather
Yuuichirou Kumada
Furuhata Motoki
Tsukino Shingo
Tsukino Kenji
Tsukino Ikuko
Artemis Cat
Luna Cat
Prince Endymion - DONE
Chiba Mamoru
Tuxedo Mask - DONE
Sailor Venus
Sailor V - DONE Sailor V Chibi!
Aino Minako
Sailor Jupiter
Kino Makoto - DONE Chibi Kino Makoto
Sailor Mars
Hino Rei - DONE Chibi Hino Rei
Shrine Rei
Sailor Mercury
Mizuno Ami
Tsukino Usagi
Sailor Moon - DONE Magical Girls!
Ryo Urawa

Ali & An
Natsumi Ginga
Seijuurou Ginga
Moonlight Knight
Black Lady - DONE Wicked Grumpy Lady
King Endymion
Neo Queen Serenity - DONE Sailor Moon - Neo Queen Serenity Chibi
Sailor Pluto
Death Phantom
Blue Sapphir - DONE Oh, Brother
Green Esmeraude - DONE Darling, Please.
Prince Demand - DONE Oh, Brother
Crimson Rubeus
Asanuma Ittou
Furuhata Unazuki
Luna P
Princess Small Lady Serenity

Sailor Moon - DONE Chibi Sailor Moon S
Super Sailor Moon - DONE Chibi Super Sailor Team
Ptilol / Cyprine
Ms. Kaori
Professor Tomoe
Mistress 9
First Sailor Saturn - DONE Sailor Moon - Chibi Sailor Saturn
Tomoe Hotaru
Baby Hotaru
Tenou Haruka
Kaiou Michiru
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Chibimoon

***SUPER S***
Baby Nehelenia
Queen Nehellenia - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi Nehellenia
Pallapalla - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi AQ
Vesves - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi AQ
Junjun - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi AQ
Cerecere - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi AQ
Sailor Ceres
Sailor Pallas
Sailor Juno
Sailor Vesta
Zircon - DONE Sailormoon Super S Dead Moon
Zirconia - DONE Sailormoon Super S Dead Moon
Hawk's Eye - DONE Sailormoon Super S Dead Moon
Fish Eye - DONE Sailormoon Super S Dead Moon
Tiger's Eye - DONE Sailormoon Super S Dead Moon
Helios - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi Helios
Pegasus - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi Love
Hino Rei - DONE
Phobos & Deimos
Grown Chibiusa
Grown Princess Lady Serenity
Luna (human) - DONE Chibi Human Luna - Sailor Moon
Artemis (human)
Diana (human)
Super Sailor Pluto
Super Sailor Saturn
Super Sailor Neptune
Super Sailor Uranus
Super Sailor Jupiter - DONE Chibi Super Sailor Team
Super Sailor Mars - DONE Mars Flame Sniper Chibi / Chibi Super Sailor Team
Super Sailor Mercury - DONE Chibi Super Sailor Team
Super Sailor Venus - DONE Venus Love Me Chain! / Chibi Super Sailor Team
Super Sailor Chibimoon - DONE Maiden's Policy / Sailormoon SuperS Chibi Love
Super Sailor Moon - DONE Sailormoon SuperS Chibi Love
Princess Pluto
Princess Saturn
Princess Neptune - DONE Princess Neptune
Princess Uranus
Princess Jupiter
Princess Mars
Princess Mercury
Princess Venus

Guardian Cosmos
Sailor Chaos
Sailor Cosmos - DONE Sailor Moon - Sailor Cosmos Chibi
Sailor Kakyuu - DONE Chibi Sailor Kakyuu
Princess Kakyuu
Chi & Phi
Lethe & Mnemosyne
Metal Papillon
Tin Nyanko
Nyanko Suzu
Lead Crow
Akane Karasuma
Aluminum Seiren
Reiko Aya
Iron Mouse
Chuuko Nezu
Sailor Galaxia - DONE Crush and Demolish with Cuteness
Chibi Chibi
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon - DONE Chibi Chibi... Chibi.
Yaten Kou
Star Healer
Taiki Kou
Star Maker
Seiya Kou
Star Fighter
Chibiusa Teen
Hotaru Teen
High School Usagi
High School Minako
High School Makoto
High School Ami
High School Rei
Eternal Sailor Moon - DONE Maiden's Policy / Manga Eternal Sailor Moon
Eternal Sailor Chibimoon
Eternal Sailor Mars
Eternal Sailor Mercury
Eternal Sailor Venus
Eternal Sailor Uranus
Eternal Sailor Neptune - Done
Eternal Sailor Pluto
Eternal Sailor Saturn
Eternal Sailor Jupiter

***R MOVIE***
Young Mamoru/Usagi
Young Fiore
Xenian Flower

***S MOVIE***

Snow Dancer
Princess Snow Kaguya
Nayotake Himeko
Oozora Kakeru

Bon Bon Babies
Queen Badiane

(prob won't do all characters, might eventually do the main sailors in myu but not all the forms/versions, might add more villains)
Sailor Pewter Fox
Sailor Phi
Sailor Theta
Sailor Titanium Kerokko
Spotted Tilmun
Sailor Buttress
Sailor Astarte

Anshar and Kishar

Sailor Luna
Luna Tsukino
Hina Kusaka
Momoko Kimura
Kanami Abe
Sugao Saitou
Mio Kuroki
Queen Mio
Dark Mercury

Diana the Moon Fairy
Proto Jupiter
Proto Venus
Proto Mecury
Proto Mars
Proto Moon
Parallel Ami, Rei, Mako, and Mina
Pink Kitty
Parallel Sailor Moon - DONE Rabbit Hearted Girl

(if I do these, they will be last since there's no official full refs of them and I'd be making it up)
Sailor Chuu
Sailor Mau
Sailor Mermaid
Sailor Coronis
Sailor Cocoon
Made a public FB gallery but you can message me here, too.

Thanks :)…
All Commissions are closed again! Thanks everyone! :heart:
Sakky's 5th Annual Free Plush Giveaway! LAST CALL by sakkysa

This year there were 944 qualified entries! A bit less than last year, but I've been a little busy. ;D 

The GRAND PRIZE winner this year is: :iconnebula1984:! :party:

The first runner up prize goes to: mwuhuha 

Congrats to the winners!! :D Thank you all so much for entering! See you again next Christmas! :santa:
Being a mom is hard, lol. :faint:

AAC was great. Had an awesomefantastical time. Trying to get back into the groove of working at home but of course with crazy modified hours due to baby aaaaah~~~ :D It's great though, she's great.

I have to finish the AAC raffle plush and then I have the Free Giveaway Plush (if you haven't signed up yet, go go go:

Sakky's 5th Annual Free Plush Giveaway! LAST CALL by sakkysa

I am still hoping to open plush commissions around the end of the year, but fair warning - it's going to be pretty limited. ; ~ ; I know there's a lot of people waiting, but I don't want to book myself with 30 plush and feel behind for a year haha. >_> I will probably take 4 or 5 to start and see how it goes. As usual, it will be first come, first serve. Be sure to be on my notification list if you're interested!! Get all the info here: Sakky's Plush Adoptions - CLOSED

My chibi commissions are open right now, details here: Sakky's Drawing Commissions - CHIBI OPEN!
And small items (dango, hair bows, etc.) here: Sakky's Item Commissions - OPEN!

I am warming up for full body stuff. I haven't drawn in a while!! D:

Okay, baby needs me. :heart: Bye!!
UPDATE: All the messages should now be sent! Let me know if you didn't get a message or if you have any questions or need more references! :D Looking forward to seeing your art! Feel free to share it in the comments below when it's complete!

I have decided to be crazy and run a massive art trade ring for the end of the year! :happybounce:

This particular Secret Sailor is for Sailor Guardian OCs in their Guardian or "Sailor" form only. Male and collarless sailors are okay, too.

Everyone that signs up will get a message about the character and person for whom they are to make art. You must commit to making a full body, full color image for the person who's character you are assigned.  Digital or traditional art are both accepted. Doll makers can be used so long as you edit them sufficiently to match the character's design.

If you cannot commit to this type of art in the timeframe set, please do NOT sign up! Failure to complete your part of the trade causes unneeded complications. (Though I realize sometimes emergencies crop up! Please notify me at least a week in advance if you will miss the deadline!)

You do not need to have a DeviantART account to participate, but you will have to provide a link to your artwork.

The important dates are:
:bulletblack: Sign up by October 25th.
:bulletblack: Assignments will go out on or around November 1st.
:bulletblack: Art is due by the end of the year, December 31st.

If you have any questions, please let me know by leaving a comment, tweet, or email.

Q: Can I list more than one Sailor and let the artist choose which one?
A: Yes, so long as they all have full body, full color references.
Somehow, it got to be over 5,000 words long... but hey! There's pictures, too! ^____^

All My Sailor Moon Crystal Feels by Sakky

My store is OPEN! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° CLICK HERE!

I am not doing ANY cons this summer so take this chance to pick up some of my art! :D

Today is the last day to use code SAILORMOON and get 15% off any order! HAPPY SAILOR MOON DAYS! :iconusagilaplz:


Viz Media announced at ACen today they have licenses for the original Sailor Moon anime, all of it including movies and specials…

AND they got Crystal, too. (the new series)…


And here's the trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal:
I'm posting this here and sending it out to everyone that's on the notification list.

I have started thinking more seriously about the limited amount of time that I have between now and baby's arrival sometime on, before or after July 19.

I know this will be a big disappointment to some people. I know that some of you have waited literally years to get onto the list. I'm very sorry to disappoint you; letting people down is one thing I really, really dislike doing. ; ~ ;

However, I have booked myself for enough work to keep a non-pregnant, 100% capacity Sakky busy for the next 15 weeks. I know that as my pregnancy progresses there's a chance I will face some currently unforeseeable circumstances which might limit my ability and/or desire to work.

When I really started thinking about the amount of work I've already committed to between now and then, I began to slowly realize that opening plush commissions at this time would be irresponsible to myself, the baby, and my potential commissioners.

I am sorry that I moved ahead with quotes before making this decision, however I want you to know that when I reopen after my maternity leave, I will still be honoring those quotes.  At this time it's hard for me to say when that will be, but I suspect at the earliest it will be towards the end of the year. Please stay on the notification list if you would like to receive updates. To add yourself to the list, just fill out this form.

Thanks for your continued support! Your interest in my art has made the last year and a half one of the most rewarding times of my life as an artist. I hope I will have your continued support and patronage when I return to commissions again. :heart:
AB is over and it was FANFREAKINTASTIC :la:

Big, HUGE thanks to everyone who came by the table and came to my four (?!) panels!! It was a crazy busy weekend (with no caffeine ahhhh) and I had an excellent time.  Super huge thanks to Itsu-de-Mo and SleyTheDent for their irreplaceable help at the table. :heart: AB never ceases to amaze me. Looking forward to next con in June in Portland, ME! Last con before baby. :3

Meanwhile, store has been updated with all the con left overs so check it out. Lots of CUTE things still available! ^___^

Gotta get going on plushies again (next up is a giant ESM, then the AB plush and then one more). After those are done, I will be reopening. I still have some quotes to send out so if you're still waiting on that, hang tight. It's looking like it's going to be an April opening after all. Sorry for the delay!

I previously said there would be around 10 slots but it's looking more like 4 or 5 at this point. I am being contracted for some long term illustration work and I don't want to over burden myself in the last half of the pregnancy. Stay tuned to the email notifications for updates if you want to snag a plush slot!!
Driving up to Manchester, NH for the one day QCK at the high school there. :happybounce: Looking forward to seeing some local friends and selling you all my fabulous dango. :la:

Stop by my table Sakky's Plush N Stuff for a raffle ticket to win a some prizes! Also, check the con bag for a coupon for my shop! :D :D Weeeee~~!
Hi everyone. I'm posting this from my phone. Right now I'm having trouble accessing my account. I'm not sure why but I am only able to access my account on my phone with the wifi turned off. There seems to be some kind of trouble with my IP address. Anyway, it's really hard to use deviantART on the phone so there's going to be a delay in my reply to messages and notes. For those of you who are waiting for plush quotes I will get back to you as soon as I can. I really hope this can be sorted out quickly. :<

EDIT: Currently logged in through TOR which is better than nothing until I figure out why this is happening.

EDIT 2: So although I can access this account, I can't edit old submissions like art and my commissions lists, and I can't submit. Will catch up on everything when this is settled.

EDIT 3: After using a proxy to access the account for a few days I was finally able to log back in today (with no help from the Help Desk, I might add :<) Hopefully that's the end of THAT. :grump:
I am very close to finishing the list of plush adoptions that I opened in fall of 2012 when I was laid off from my full time job. First, I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone that commissioned me in the last year or so! It's been a dream to do art full time and it's been a really exciting and rewarding year focusing on commissions and conventions.

Though this coming year is going to be a bit of a slower pace for me once Baby Forde arrives, I will still be opening a limited number of plush adoptions in the upcoming months to fill my time between now and July.  Starting with arrival of baby, I will be on maternity leave from most art, likely for a few weeks but possibly a few months (I haven't done this before, so I have no idea what it will be like! ^__^).  

Those who are on the Notification List have heard from me about plush quotes. I do the quote process in advance of opening so that you know what kind of financial commitment your plush will be. You can get quotes on more than one plush during this process. If you didn't get on the notification list before the quote email went out, just join the notification list now and send me a note so I can give you a quote before I open.

There are likely to be only 10-15 openings in this round and will be filled first come, first serve via an online form. Depending on the level of interest, the slots may fill very quickly. People on the notification list will be receiving advanced information about the date and time of the form opening. I may reserve a few slots to fill at Anime Boston.

For 2014, the base price for plush are:
:bulletblack: Small Plush (7-8") start at $95
:bulletblack: Large Plush (16-18") start at $175

These are base prices which do not include character specific details like hair style and clothing. Every character will be a difference price and even the same character could have a range of price options based on the details we choose to put in. When you get a quote, there will be a detailed breakdown for each segment of the character. I work with craft velour or dollskin bodies and felt for the outfit and hair. If you choose to have upgraded fabric options, there will be an additional cost for the materials.

Additionally, I am increasing my non-refundable deposit amount from $20 to $40. This is the deposit that you make when your plush moves from the Ordered Wait List to the On Deck list and it is applied to the balance that you owe. (For example: if your plush costs $150 in total, you would make a $40 deposit to move to On Deck. When it's time to start your plush, you would owe a balance of $110.)

You can get additional information about plush adoptions from my Sakky's Plush Adoptions Page.

If you have any questions about plush adoptions or the process, please let me know in the comments! Thank you all once again so very much for allowing me to make art for you. It's been a great pleasure and I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunities I've had in the last year. :heart:
Anime Boston just announced that VAs Linda Ballantyne (one of the English Sailor Moon actresses) and Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask) will be at AB 2014. They also will have director John Stocker.


Official announcement here.

I'm so proud of you AB. You really did it! :D I hope the panels get approved and we can have a REALLY MOONIE 2014!! :D
SLOTS ARE ALL FILLED. Thanks! :D Will reopen when I catch up for all general drawing commissions.

These are colored pencil drawings and prices include shipping of the original art to all locations in the US and Canada.
Other international destinations will be an additional $8 for shipping for full drawings and $5 for chibi.

Full Body, Full Color Sailor Senshi Commissions - $40
red heart bullet  Sakura-Chirari Sterling Sailor Hematite (paid)
red heart bullet  TheAnomally
red heart bullet  Stephanie-Chivas
red heart bullet  iRexosaur

Chibi Sailor Senshi Commissions - $15 - CLOSED
red heart bullet iCheddar (paid)
red heart bullet mucai (paid)
red heart bullet mucai (paid)
red heart bullet mucai (paid)
red heart bullet mucai (paid)

Sailor Apollyon by sakkysaSailor Ryall by sakkysaPhaeton by sakkysaSailor Archangel by sakkysa
Dark Cygnus Chibi by sakkysaSailor Ratri Chibi by sakkysaRabbit Hearted Girl by sakkysa

Thanks guys!  red heart bullet